When Are We Rockin' Out Again?!

The last time I planned a  day off with my friends, it was awesome.  Blasted music, hung out, kayaked, etc.  Well, I am about to book tickets for my next excursion and I am torn between spending a week in New York or two weeks in different parts of California.  As tired as I am, I love the idea of camping in the woods with my friends, hiking in general, and spending time in nature.  When I hike, especially, I get to... relive my stresses in a different way, in a healthier way.  With a 2-3 hour hike, I not only exercise and burn calories, but my body becomes so tired and exhausted that I succumb to it and sleep the best I have in a while.

After visiting Killer Kayaks, I am eyeing another kayak but not sure if I want to splurge just yet.  It is easy for me to get out of hand with bills and since there is a vacation looming overhead, I'd like to save this $400 and spend it on gas, food, or an amazing experience.  I want to experience some mind blowing music concerts this coming summer and start living life to the fullest.

But then again, it just might be that I'm about to turn 35 and it all feels like a mid-life crisis.  That's part of the reason this space exist: love rock music, love music in general!  It is my goal to share some really cool stuff here.  

Anyway, work early in the morning, so peace out, and I will be sharing some very informative stuff here soon!

Here, get ready for some blast from the past:

What happened to music like this?!