Thank God For Fishing & Alice in Chains!

A Much Needed Day at the Bay!

Hopefully, by now, you realize my love for rock and roll among other styles of music.  So, I work two different part-time jobs which can feel like too much sometimes.  About three weeks ago, my head felt like it could explode due to the many projects that were behind schedule. Not only was I overwhelmed and stressed but I was having a mental block. I couldn’t think straight nor come up with new ideas. So, you can imagine the joy I had when my buddy, Tim, suggested we hit the local bay.

"Hell yes!", it was most definitely worth a thought. I mean, I seemed to just pass time and doze off rather than doing something constructive.

Our itinerary included having an early breakfast, picnic, fishing, kayaking, possibly taking a plunge in the water and most obviously relax along the shoreline. This was more than adequate to recharge my system ready for the long week ahead.

After about an hour’s drive, we finally arrived at the local bay and without wasting time, we changed into our kayaking gear ready (my buddy own an Airhead AHTK-2 Montana inflatable kayak) to tackle the waves and ripples. I must say that I soon forgot about my stressful work. Thereafter after we decided to catch some fish as we readied to have a picnic in the lush park along the bay. The girls had carried some buns, salad, snacks they had prepared at home and it was upon the boys to look for the best accompaniment, fish of course. 

Talk about preparing the freshest trout on a small fire then enjoying the soft and sumptuous meat with some home baked pies :) By late afternoon, we were not only tired from the kayaking, fishing. and swimming but also needed a drink to drown the delicious meal. So we decided to go near the joints situated along the shore for some nice entertainment.

Icing on MY Cake!

One of the best moments at the bay was without-a-doubt when they started playing songs by Alice in Chains. This brought back memories of when we were young and had our blood boiling as part of the grunge movement that was evident in the 90s. The first song, “Brother,” has always been my favorite and I still dance to its heavy rock tunes as I listen to its lyrics about the bloodied thorns that are found in the rose planted inside a white vase. If I remember well, Jerry Cantrell, the singer, was quoted saying that this song was symbolic with the relationship he had with his younger brother.

And when I thought I had heard the most memorable songs from Alice in Chains, then “Rotten Apple” started playing. Oh Boy, this song from their 1994 EP “Jar of Flies” really had us screaming our lungs in my friend's room when I was in my 20s.  The nostagia...  I still remember the chorus that talked about eating an apple that wasn’t so real but you still ate it out of innocence. Some people always imagine of the biblical story of Adam and Eve when this song plays...

Listening to songs by Alice in Chains was certainly the climax at the bay and it made me relieve my younger years. Not only did I listen to the best rock acts of the 90s but was also able to feel more rejuvenated and recharged ready for my upcoming projects. You bet I would be back at the bay for some more picnicking, kayaking, fishing and relaxing while hoping that the Alice in Chains songs will still feature in their music menu.