My Creative Interests

I play in a rock band every other weekend from Friday-Sunday at a local bar in the city. I got it all started, picking the best guitar, bass, drummer and keyboard players I could find. It took a while, but it was worth it and we have a lot of fun together. We're not aiming to become famous so we just play in small venues for fun and some extra cash on the side. We all do pretty well with other side projects or jobs too.


I also create music on my own, that my band helps me to play, for various things like commercials, phone recordings (like when people have to wait for customer service), festivals, etc. I have to send tapes to these companies, so I needed to find a service to help with audio quality and adding sound effects. This sound studio San Diego did an excellent job understanding what I was trying to do, and it's exactly the way I wanted it.


They also do Podcasts, which I was thinking of getting into, but I still have to think about it more first. I already have enough to do as it is, taking care of my two kids, doing work and playing in the band. But I'm always looking to do more creative things to keep things fresh, so I would never feel bored or get tired of one particular thing.


I might start on some music for video games, since my kids play them all the time. That seems like something that would be very interesting to work on. I've heard some of the music on their games, and I know I could do the same thing or even better. But one thing at a time I guess. I'll see where I'm led next, since I'm a huge believer in fate/destiny!